New type of reefer for New Silk Way Logistics

New type of reefer for New Silk Way Logistics

24 February 2022

In collaboration with University in Wageningen, NSWL, H.Essers, KLG Europe, Thermoking and Unit45, a new type of reefer was developed. This new type of reefer was specially developed for transport to and from China, to withstand the extreme weather conditions on the Silk Road.

The reefer has a three times better insulation value than the current reefer fleet and is equipped with the most powerful Thermoking unit available on the market, namely: Thermoking Advancer 500. This frigo-unit in combination with the highly insulated container was tested in January in an advanced wind tunnel in Prague. The most extreme temperature conditions were simulated, namely-40°C. This while the reefer was heated continuously at +20°C. The container passed this test with flying colors. The new fully developed engine proved to have overcapacity even in these extreme conditions.

Furthermore, the reefer is “two-way command” which means that the container can be controlled remotely via satellite connection. Such as switching the engine on and off and adjusting temperature settings.

The larger diesel tank (950 litre) in combination with the extremely economical engine, makes it possible to transport up and down, from Europe to China and back again without refueling. The reefer consumes 50% less diesel and by fuelling the reefers with Bio-fuel we can offer carbon neutral transport to China.

We can also monitor this reefer 24/7 via our Control Tower in Romania. In addition, high-security locks guarantee a high level of security and this new type of reefer is GDP-approved for pharmaceutical purposes.